Advent 2017

 Advent Wreath

A Time for Waiting


Advent is traditionally a time for waiting—for Christmas celebrations for the children, for the celebration of the miracle of birth and of Jesus’s birth in particular, and for many Christians, a reminder of the waiting for Jesus’s coming again—for the fulfillment of the hope and promise he brought.

This season we gather to reflect on the kind of waiting those working for social justice must do. We know that we live in times when bringing our hopes for social justice to fruition is unlikely in the near future. We need to find ways of continuing to work, even when success seems distant. The transformations we are witnessing now are mostly not those we have been hoping and working for. So how do we work and wait? How do we wait faithfully, receptively, but not passively? We are in a waiting time. Advent reminds us that the birth of the new takes time, cannot simply be forced into being, and that even miraculous success is likely to be followed by more working and waiting. Learning to wait well is an important skill the Advent season can foster.


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