Reflecting on Pilgrimage

September 13 to October 11, 2020


Several Bathurst United members have undertaken pilgrimages in recent years. At our September and early October services, congregants are hearing about some of those journeys and what they meant to the pilgrims.

On September 13, Rosalinda Paredes reflected on her hike along the Camino de Santiago in June of 2019.

"I have always felt very blessed because of the experience of exile with my family, but this really make me feel more blessed, and I feel priveleged in a way because I feel that I have experienced something very unique".

Rosalinda started out at St. Jean Pied de Port, near the border with Spain. One month later, she arrived at Santiago de Compostela. Over 700 kilometres.


On September 20, Sharon Goodier talked about the many kinds of pilgrimages, and what happens to people when they go on one.


On Sunday, September 27, Ken McEvoy will reflect on the trip he and Judi McCallum took to the Middle East in November, 2018. They spent 11 days visiting Holy Land sites in Palestine and Israel. 

Ken will review the experience in the context of the current situation in Israel-Palestine, and the actions being taken to improve the prospects for peace. He and Judi were on the annual Come and See tour led by Reverend Marianna Harris and George Bartlett.


Ken Palestine
The beginning of the footpath from Capernaum to Cana and Nazareth. 



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