Advent Worship Series 2018

Advent Wreath with Candles


Waiting ...

Advent is traditionally a time for waiting—for Christmas celebrations for the children, for the celebration of the miracle of birth and of Jesus’s birth in particular, and for many Christians, a reminder of the waiting for Jesus’s coming again—for the fulfillment of the hope and promise he brought.

This fall, the Bathurst community is about to engage a new minister. At the same time, through the '2020 Project', we are seeking to understand the changing nature of church in the 21st century, and how we are called to serve our broader community.

So this is also a season of waiting for the Bathurst community; waiting for a new minister to join us, and waiting to see the outcome of our deliberations about our call and future mission. Our services in Advent reflect our different forms of waiting, and the joy and celebration we will share with the arrival of Christmas.

List of Current Services