The Tree of Ruth

In Matthew's genealogy of Jesus, only four women are mentioned.

Each of them, through initiative, heroism and determination, contributed to the messianic line and set the pattern for Jesus’ family tree.

Tamar, at risk of death, ensured the messianic line through her sons; through Rabab’s courage Israel entered the promised land; through Ruth’s unflinching loyalty to Naomi she and Boaz became great grandparents of David the king; through Bathsheba’s courageous intervention the Davidic throne passed to Solomon.

In Epiphany, we looked at the lives and stories of these women, who are heroines of the faith and whose stories call for study and celebration.

Services in this series included:
  • Sun, Feb 7
    Ralph Carl Wushke

  • Sun, Jan 31
    Joint service with Trinity-St. Paul's
    The Holy Land: Israel - Palestine
    Robert Mssoud

  • Sun, Jan 24
    Frances Combs

  • Sun, Jan 17
    Ralph Carl Wushke

  • Sun, Jan 10
    Judi McCallum