Living into our Faith

While Pentecost doesn’t get marketed to consumers the way Christmas and Easter do, at Bathurst it definitely gets its due! Pentecost Sunday 2017 at Bathurst included a baptism and many songs and chants associated with the Holy Spirit.

Services in this series included:

  • Sun, June 25 - Pride Sunday
    The Gates Shall Not Be Shut
    Caro Ibrahim
    10:30 am in the chapel at Trinity-St. Paul's

  • Sun, June 18 - Our Summer Solstice Service
    8:00 am on the beach at the foot of MacLean Ave (at Hubbard Blvd.)
    Ralph Carl Wushke

  • Sun, June 11 - Our Mental Health Mission
    The CAMH Volunteer Team

  • Sun, June 4 - Baptism of Henry James Griffin
    Ralph Carl Wushke