Unsettling Bathurst

America Septentrionalis (early map)


On June 11, 2017, the Bathurst congregation reached a consensus to pursue a different home space in the Annex, initially focusing on the Westbank Development at Bloor and Bathurst. This commitment invites us to consider how a move would be an opportunity for faithful transformation, in light of new contexts. The September 2017 worship series, “Unsettling Bathurst” will ask what it means to be faithful church in light of our rich history, the current context, contemporary discourse and demographics.

Services in this series included:

  • Sunday, October 8
    "Messy Church" ... church for children, large and small

  • Sunday, October 1
    “Who is My Neighbour?” what do the Environics data tell us about our neighbourhood? Who lives here and what do they care about?
    Guest presenter: Anne Shirley Sutherland

  • Sunday, September 24
    “Render to God the things that are Gods” How do post-colonial theory and de-colonization inform our current transformation?
    Reflection: Ralph Carl Wushke

  • Sunday, September 17
    “What Language Shall I Borrow?” Second, what is the current context and new discourse? A panel of voices including Howard Williams, Jeremy Malcolm and Joel Burkholder will interpret the signs of the times and the longing for meaningful faith.

  • Sunday, September 10
    What was Bathurst’s most recent great upheaval and major transformation (1980-1995) responding to? What was wonderful about that? What were the compelling questions of society and theology, and themes the congregation was wrestling with? How were those questions answered? What was the discourse? What language was being spoken? What can we learn from that experience? How have we become small “c” conservative? That upheaval was thrust upon us by a crisis. Are we able to see the crisis of demographics that is moving us to the next upheaval?
    Reflection: Frances Combs