Celebrating Creation's Multifaith Spirit

This September, we decided to join many Christian communities around the world in celebrating the Season of Creation, a time to remember the gift of the Earth and our place in Creation. The biblical story of the six days of Creation wove through our services this fall, while we lifted up various perspectives on the story of the creation of the world, and ended with remembrance of the gifts of gratitude and sabbath.

Services were held Sunday mornings at 10:30, in the chapel at Trinity St. Paul's Centre, 427 Bloor St. W.

Services in this series included:

  • Sunday, October 7
    Thanksgiving, Sabbath and Gratitude

  • Sunday, September 30
    Christian mystics and the sanctity of being birthed
    Diane Meredith and Lindsay Tyler

  • Sunday, September 23
    Modern Physics and Creation; Who is Pulling the Strings?
    (What creation story most closely resembles what science teaches? Hint: It's neither of the two in Genesis)
    Ken McEvoy

  • Sunday, September 16
    Shamanic perspectives on creation
    Jasper Miller

  • Sunday, September 9
    Two stories of Creation in Genesis
    Frances Combs